Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Miss Not-So-Crafty

I have zero craft skills and artistic creativity: I can't sew, knit, crochet, quilt, reupholster, paint, draw, web design, or make anything by hand. I can't even cut paper straight--with a paper cutter. It's so bad that I avoid my church's craft nights with the other ladies so I don't embarrass myself. I really want to change that. But I am only willing to put in so much effort and money. To my delight, today I accidentally came across these easy and inexpensive Valentine crafts on the blog eighteen25:

and this one from Tatertots and Jello:

I think even I can do these! My new goal is to make at least one handmade thing this year to display proudly in my home. And who knows--maybe someday I will be able to come up with an easy craft idea on my own.

Do you have an easy craft idea or favorite craft blog? Please share!


Mrs. Sanchez said...

I can't believe I just did that. I wrote you a ridiculously long comment and then clicked on one of the links and it got deleted.

Ohhhh well. Let me repeat it. :)

I NEVER knew you were not artsy until you told me. I always assumed you were because you made such cute personalized and CRAFTY Birthday cards.

I have horrible fine motor skills and can definitely relate. During training for my job we had to cut stuff out and laminate it. I was so awkward that the trainer actually laughed at me. Oh well. I can totally color IN the lines AND I enjoy it. :) Plus, I can bead and scrapbook (I'm pretty sure you can too).

I like the love note box idea. But, with a family I'd like to do a kindness note. One of the weekly jobs at an afterschool program I worked at was "Kindness Recorder" This childs job was to write down all the kindness they observed. At the end of the day they shared it with the group. It was a very popular job. It would be fun to do in the home too.

I like the 8x10, but am not decorating this year.


Cory and Cherise said...

The XO's are way cute, and you underplay your craftiness big time woman! You should put up a pic of your little suzie song girl poster you made for nursery... hee hee

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