Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Featured Seller: Allison from Pooch Swagger

For all you pet lovers, this is the shop for you! Allison from Pooch Swagger makes cute and fashionable ID tags for your furry friends. Makes me wish I had a pet.

Allison started the business in September out of the simple need for tags for her two small dogs. She says, "The tags are made out of a durable pendant and filled with hard resin so they will last a long time. We have 45 different designs, and any of them can come in square or circle. You also get to pick from 4 different metal colors. These tags are great for any size pet and make great gifts for the animal lovers in your life."

These are very affordable Christmas gifts and great stocking stuffers!

Check out Pooch Swagger for more adorable designs.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old MacDonald Had a Ranch

Yesterday afternoon we went to MacDonald Ranch in North Scottsdale for some harvest fun. First we went to the petting zoo, which Caden loved. There were goats, bunnies, miniature horses, chickens, peacocks, pigs, and a ram. Caden approached one sitting goat and got gently butted away. It was so funny to see his startled face!

The goat to the right is the one that butted him.
Next were the Western games. Caden enjoyed the bean bag toss.

Then it was off the to the gold mines. Caden didn't want to leave! He loves playing in the dirt.

We went through the hay maze then took a hay ride to and from the pumpkin patch. We didn't get a pumpkin though because they were all rotting.

Caden trying to get to Daddy.

After the hay ride, Caden was ready to ride the horses. When we first entered he refused, but now he was excited. He did so well! He wasn't scared at all. He sat up tall, waved and yelled "Bye, Mama!" over and over, and kissed the horse's nose afterward.

We walked around the fake old town and ended the trip with some ice cream. We had a great time!

Monday, October 29, 2012

100 SALES!

Today I got my 100th sale on Etsy! I am so excited!

In reality, that's not accurate. Etsy calculates sales on listings sold, meaning if one person bought 3 items, it's counted as 3 sales. So I really have had only 77 orders. But if you list an item and say you have more than 1 available and someone buys 3, it's counted as 1 sale. So I've really sold 105 items.

Whatever. I'm still happy!

Family Update

Just some news on our family:

Caden is learning his ABCs. We sing the song a million times a day. It's cute to hear him sing. Recently he's started singing along to the Primary songs sometimes. The first time he did I was shocked. Although he couldn't say all the words, he knew the song's tune perfectly. I guess he really has been listening. It made me glad I exposed him to them all these years.

Caden's weirdness continues to amuse me. A few days ago he asked to eat uncooked rotini pasta and enjoyed it.

He also loves the shower. He asked to join us Saturday and Sunday and thought it was so fun to play under the water. But when I gave him a shower by himself last night he didn't like it as much. His sleep is improving. He goes to sleep by himself for nap time. We're still working on bedtime.

We got a new TV on Thursday! We've been looking for months. Years, really, but more for real lately since we actually had money for it. We found a 40-inch Samsung LED at Walmart for $498. It was the best deal we'd seen and exactly what we wanted.

I'm expanding my shop and one sale away from 100. Justin has one test left before getting his PGA Class A and degree and has gotten many new students (golf lessons). And my Grandma turns 80 today!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Justin Gangnam Style

At Lindsey's wedding I was introduced to the "Gangnam Style" song and dance. I showed it to Justin and he decided to be Psy (the singer) for Halloween. We went to a community Halloween party yesterday and Justin was a hit! At least a dozen people asked to take a picture with him. I admit I was a little jealous. Not wanting to be candy corn witch for the fourth year in a row and not wanting to spend any money, I just used stuff from my closet. But my costume wasn't complete (no ears or tail and I forgot to paint my nose black) so I looked more like a mime than a zebra. Caden was the cutest Elmo there ever was. My favorite costume I saw was a toddler in a handmade Dobby outfit--so adorable!

Caden loved the bounce house, police car, fire truck, and his balloon. Justin loved the free fry bread and all the attention. I recognized Kirsten's (my sister-in-law's) cousin, who was dressed as Katniss from The Hunger Games. We had a fun night.

Justin loved the bounce house too!

In the police car. My camera died so no fire truck photo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A "Witch" Come True

Last year I made a Halloween wish list, and these witch-shoe candle holders were on it. By the time I tried getting them, they were all sold out.

When we moved a few months ago, the post office included some coupons in our change of address confirmation letter. One of them was 20-percent off at Pier 1, where the shoes are sold. I ran straight there and bought them last month. An employee said to me when I walked determinedly to the Halloween section, "Looks like you're on a mission!" I told her I was getting them now before they sold out! Here are they are on my shelf with other autumn decor.

The table runner and leaf bowl I got at the thrift store years ago. The pumpkins and pine cones my mother got for me on clearance. The votive candle is from Party City clearance. The fabric leaves are from a giveaway I won. The white candle holder is from the BYU Bookstore. And the Halloween subway art you can get for free here.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Featured Seller: Paige from Smooshie Farms

I have always loved stuffed animals and the like, so I am very happy to share with you these darling monsters from Smooshie Farms. This little guy is my favorite!

Here's Paige's story behind the fun creatures:

The monsters started with a simple, octopus-eqsue looking thing all in one color. I thought he was really cute, so I made a few more. Before I knew it, I had so many ideas my hands couldn't keep up. Now I crochet monsters daily to keep up with orders from friends and family. I thought, "Hey, everyone else seems to find some joy in these little guys, maybe Etsy will, too."

If you haven't yet, please
"like" the Facebook page! I started the page mainly so that those who adopt a monster of their very own can post photos of them traveling with their new companions. I would love to see where they all make it in the world!

Check out Smooshie Farms for more crocheted cuties (some of my favorites are the ones already sold)! The prices are very reasonable too!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

Halloween is almost here. Do you have your costumes? If not, here are some easy costume ideas for babies and toddlers.

Costumes are easy to put together around a hat. Just put your child in clothes in matching colors (ex: white for a ghost, orange for a pumpkin, etc.) and you're done!

From KW Bloom

From Buggies World

From Princess Anastasia

From Sunshine Serendipity

Or you can buy patterns from Loving Hands Crochet and make the hats yourself.

Another easy costume is a onesie. It's more comfortable for Baby, too.

From Katydid Designs (also comes without the bow for a boy)

From Sunshine and Spice (comes with hairbow)

Or you can buy iron-on patches from Bizy Belle and put it on a onesie you already have.

Other Ideas
Leg warmers, from Ellie Grace Crafts


From Sweetness in Smyrna

 From Killer Krafts

Hair bow, from Sunshine's Specialty Shoppe

Bib (practical too!), from Shared Jelly

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween? Caden's going to be Elmo!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Madison Street Beauty Eye Shadow Giveaway [CLOSED]

After visiting my Mary-Kay-consultant cousin during the summer, I came home with a resolve to wear makeup more often and take better care of my skin. I bought some products from her, but others I wanted to buy at a lower price. I found Madison Street Beauty, a shop selling handmade, all-natural mineral makeup, through an Etsy team and checked it out because everything was 60 percent off. I bought sheer glow highlighter and cotton eye shadow to mask the dark circles under my eyes. I love them both!

*Variety of makeup.
*All natural and most also vegan.
*Gorgeous colors that are pictured and described accurately.
*Great value. The highlighter was a sample size and holds a lot. Take advantage of the clearance prices right now!
*Excellent customer service. The seller helped me choose the right colors for me.


Madison Street Beauty is generously offering 5 full-size eye shadows in the colors of your choice! You should go ahead and buy some now, too, because everything is on clearance as they make way for new inventory!

Mandatory Entry: Visit Madison Street Beauty and tell me which colors you would choose.

1 entry: Like Madison Street Beauty on Facebook and comment that THTRC sent you. Leave your name.

1 entry: Like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle on Facebook. Leave your name.

1 entry: Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect.

1 entry (4 total possible): Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or your blog.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PDT on Friday, November 2. The winner will be announced Saturday, November 3. Please leave your email address in one of your entries so I can contact you if you win. This giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The winner of the Inspired Greetings & Designs fabric flower bobby pins giveaway is comment #109 by Alda Moreira. Congratulations and enjoy your prize!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lindsey's Wedding

Last weekend I went to Nashville for my friend Lindsey's wedding. Lindsey and I met in middle school. We grew closer in high school, running track together and wreaking havoc in the library. Then she moved to Tennessee in tenth grade.

Lindsey, Kristen, Francine, Kaitlyn, me, Justin, Kara & Melanie (college roommates)

Me and Lindsey dancing at my wedding

We've kept in touch over the years through letters and Facebook. She visited again junior year and came out for my wedding and my 22nd birthday, where I first heard about her boyfriend, Michael. She got engaged to him last year. I was so excited and already planning around the big day. Then so many things happened the past year that I was afraid I couldn't afford to go. But I couldn't afford not to go either. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event of one of my best friends, who has always been there for me.

My 22nd birthday surprise!

Then a miracle happened: Southwest emailed me a great deal. I booked a flight, passed along the deal to my friend Francine, and told Lindsey the good news. Then Kaitlyn and Kristen decided to come too. I was so happy we all were going!

I flew out Saturday morning and arrived in the afternoon. We all got ready at the hotel and then drove to the wedding an hour away. It was cold and overcast but not raining, thankfully, since it was an outdoor wedding.

The wedding was intimate, romantic, and simple, with a beautiful variety of music. When Lindsey walked down the aisle, she was blind to everyone but her love waiting for her. Their first kiss as husband and wife was long and sweet. There is no doubt these two deeply love each other.

The bride and groom disappeared for pictures while the rest of us went into the hall for the reception. We ate and caught up with Lindsey's mom. When Lindsey and Michael returned, her mother snatched them away for us. I wanted to spend every possible moment I could with Lindsey. We finally let her go greet her other guests.

Next was the cake and some toasts. Although I managed to hold back tears during the ceremony, their first dance made me cry. The next song was also a slow song, making me miss Justin. Then dance music came on and the party really started. I have never seen Lindsey so outgoing and free! She was an unstoppable dance machine. We stole her for a few songs.

Finally dancing together again!

There was a break for the bouquet and garter. It was funny seeing Michael reach up Lindsey's dress. Actually, her entire interaction with him was fun to watch, because the Lindsey we knew never was interested in boys. It was also funny hearing the Southern accent she denies having!

We stayed until we were the only ones left besides the bridal party and clean-up crew. We lit some sparklers for the bride and groom to run through on their way out. The next day they were off to Rome.

We slept in and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the hotel restaurant. The girls dropped me off at the airport on their way to see downtown Nashville. It was a great weekend with my best friends. And it was great to see and reconnect with Lindsey; we want to have a girls' trip next year in Vegas!
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