Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old MacDonald Had a Ranch

Yesterday afternoon we went to MacDonald Ranch in North Scottsdale for some harvest fun. First we went to the petting zoo, which Caden loved. There were goats, bunnies, miniature horses, chickens, peacocks, pigs, and a ram. Caden approached one sitting goat and got gently butted away. It was so funny to see his startled face!

The goat to the right is the one that butted him.
Next were the Western games. Caden enjoyed the bean bag toss.

Then it was off the to the gold mines. Caden didn't want to leave! He loves playing in the dirt.

We went through the hay maze then took a hay ride to and from the pumpkin patch. We didn't get a pumpkin though because they were all rotting.

Caden trying to get to Daddy.

After the hay ride, Caden was ready to ride the horses. When we first entered he refused, but now he was excited. He did so well! He wasn't scared at all. He sat up tall, waved and yelled "Bye, Mama!" over and over, and kissed the horse's nose afterward.

We walked around the fake old town and ended the trip with some ice cream. We had a great time!


Francine Sanchez said...

I really enjoy looking through all the photos. It's a story through pictures.

There are some really cute ones of Justin and Caden. I like the one in the wheelbarrow and also the one of Caden in the cutout. I like seeing his little fingers wrapped around the cardboard.

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