Monday, October 29, 2012

Family Update

Just some news on our family:

Caden is learning his ABCs. We sing the song a million times a day. It's cute to hear him sing. Recently he's started singing along to the Primary songs sometimes. The first time he did I was shocked. Although he couldn't say all the words, he knew the song's tune perfectly. I guess he really has been listening. It made me glad I exposed him to them all these years.

Caden's weirdness continues to amuse me. A few days ago he asked to eat uncooked rotini pasta and enjoyed it.

He also loves the shower. He asked to join us Saturday and Sunday and thought it was so fun to play under the water. But when I gave him a shower by himself last night he didn't like it as much. His sleep is improving. He goes to sleep by himself for nap time. We're still working on bedtime.

We got a new TV on Thursday! We've been looking for months. Years, really, but more for real lately since we actually had money for it. We found a 40-inch Samsung LED at Walmart for $498. It was the best deal we'd seen and exactly what we wanted.

I'm expanding my shop and one sale away from 100. Justin has one test left before getting his PGA Class A and degree and has gotten many new students (golf lessons). And my Grandma turns 80 today!


Francine Sanchez said...

That's definitely interesting that Caden likes uncooked rotini, lol. Imagining him asking you and you answering just makes me laugh.

That is wonderful that Justin has a lot of new clients and congratulations to your Grandma. Sounds like there is a lot to celebrate!

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