Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A "Witch" Come True

Last year I made a Halloween wish list, and these witch-shoe candle holders were on it. By the time I tried getting them, they were all sold out.

When we moved a few months ago, the post office included some coupons in our change of address confirmation letter. One of them was 20-percent off at Pier 1, where the shoes are sold. I ran straight there and bought them last month. An employee said to me when I walked determinedly to the Halloween section, "Looks like you're on a mission!" I told her I was getting them now before they sold out! Here are they are on my shelf with other autumn decor.

The table runner and leaf bowl I got at the thrift store years ago. The pumpkins and pine cones my mother got for me on clearance. The votive candle is from Party City clearance. The fabric leaves are from a giveaway I won. The white candle holder is from the BYU Bookstore. And the Halloween subway art you can get for free here.


Francine Sanchez said...

They are super cute! I like your whole Autumn decor. We got a party city ad in the mail and I immediately thought of you.

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