Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lindsey's Wedding

Last weekend I went to Nashville for my friend Lindsey's wedding. Lindsey and I met in middle school. We grew closer in high school, running track together and wreaking havoc in the library. Then she moved to Tennessee in tenth grade.

Lindsey, Kristen, Francine, Kaitlyn, me, Justin, Kara & Melanie (college roommates)

Me and Lindsey dancing at my wedding

We've kept in touch over the years through letters and Facebook. She visited again junior year and came out for my wedding and my 22nd birthday, where I first heard about her boyfriend, Michael. She got engaged to him last year. I was so excited and already planning around the big day. Then so many things happened the past year that I was afraid I couldn't afford to go. But I couldn't afford not to go either. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event of one of my best friends, who has always been there for me.

My 22nd birthday surprise!

Then a miracle happened: Southwest emailed me a great deal. I booked a flight, passed along the deal to my friend Francine, and told Lindsey the good news. Then Kaitlyn and Kristen decided to come too. I was so happy we all were going!

I flew out Saturday morning and arrived in the afternoon. We all got ready at the hotel and then drove to the wedding an hour away. It was cold and overcast but not raining, thankfully, since it was an outdoor wedding.

The wedding was intimate, romantic, and simple, with a beautiful variety of music. When Lindsey walked down the aisle, she was blind to everyone but her love waiting for her. Their first kiss as husband and wife was long and sweet. There is no doubt these two deeply love each other.

The bride and groom disappeared for pictures while the rest of us went into the hall for the reception. We ate and caught up with Lindsey's mom. When Lindsey and Michael returned, her mother snatched them away for us. I wanted to spend every possible moment I could with Lindsey. We finally let her go greet her other guests.

Next was the cake and some toasts. Although I managed to hold back tears during the ceremony, their first dance made me cry. The next song was also a slow song, making me miss Justin. Then dance music came on and the party really started. I have never seen Lindsey so outgoing and free! She was an unstoppable dance machine. We stole her for a few songs.

Finally dancing together again!

There was a break for the bouquet and garter. It was funny seeing Michael reach up Lindsey's dress. Actually, her entire interaction with him was fun to watch, because the Lindsey we knew never was interested in boys. It was also funny hearing the Southern accent she denies having!

We stayed until we were the only ones left besides the bridal party and clean-up crew. We lit some sparklers for the bride and groom to run through on their way out. The next day they were off to Rome.

We slept in and enjoyed a delicious lunch in the hotel restaurant. The girls dropped me off at the airport on their way to see downtown Nashville. It was a great weekend with my best friends. And it was great to see and reconnect with Lindsey; we want to have a girls' trip next year in Vegas!


DAD said...

so great that you still are friends after all these years- DAd

Francine Sanchez said...

Beautiful post! I had so much fun am really glad we all got to go. It was a really special wedding and I'm glad I got to enjoy it with my ladies. :)

Thank you for posting photos! The photo of you and Lindsey is just priceless. The one of us 5 will go on our fridge.

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