Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 Safe Things to Say to a Pregnant Woman

photo by Wong Mei Teng

There are numerous articles on what not to say to a pregnant woman. The list of potentially offensive statements is very long and leaves very little you can say. Even "congratulations" can be an unwelcome compliment to a woman with an unwelcome pregnancy. So I have compiled three things that I'm pretty sure are safe to say to any pregnant woman. 

1. "You look beautiful / radiant!"
Almost all women feel self-conscious during pregnancy as their bodies change and grow. What woman would not appreciate a genuine reminder that she looks truly beautiful right now, swollen feet and all?

2. "I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well / how you want it to."
Most women hope their pregnancies will progress smoothly and safely. Sincerely wishing the same thought will give them positive reassurance and hope.

3. Nothing
If you are ever in doubt of what to say, then say nothing at all. Feel that could be rude too? Then just offer a smile as you would to anyone.

Do you agree with these suggestions? What else do you think would be safe to say?


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