Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Do You Shower with Your Husband?

photo by Matthew Trow
A year or two ago at church, I was talking to a friend who is married to a deaf man. She was telling me how they spend time together and embarrassedly admitted they like to shower together, where they talk (sign) to each other after being separated all day. I assuaged her anxiety by letting her know my husband and I do the same.

I can understand her embarrassment, though, especially in talking to a church friend. Many people assume couples who shower together are really doing something else. I grew up with parents who showered together and didn't see it as anything but a practical thing to do while also spending quality time. I don't even know when I was first exposed to the idea of showering together equalling sex. But apparently that's what most people associate showering together with.

For example, a childless couple in one of our former church congregations was always late. I jokingly inquired how they could be so late when they didn't have any kids to get ready. He said because they each had to shower and his wife took a long time doing so. I said they should shower together to cut out some time, and she said no as if I had suggested something crazy.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because he's wet. And naked," she replied, giving her husband a sexy look.

Talk about TMI, lol.

For us, showering together means a few minutes of private time away from pestering kids. A time for us to talk about important things and just enjoy each other's company before or after being separated all day. And to get clean that spot on your back you just can't reach by yourself, of course. ;)

Do you shower with your husband?


DAD said...

I do not shower with my husband

Thomas and Jamie said...

Thomas and I normally take a shower together, just not while pregnant. We also agree that it saves water as well as time and it definitely is nice to have that time together just the two of us.

Miss Keesh said...

I always wondered about this... good to know it can help a relationship. I'll definitely keep that in mind.

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