Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Easter Visit

My husband's family came into town Easter weekend. The boys and I started it off with a chalk Easter egg hunt at our friend's house and a trip to the playground.

We spent the weekend watching General Conference. Easter morning, the boys colored eggs, and Gabe kept trying to eat his! The eggs didn't last long once they dried, lol.

Trying to eat the egg!

Gabe's cheese face. We played a lot of Skip Bo and Phase 10 that week!

The ladies knitted, and Caden loved watching and requesting custom orders for himself, Gabe, and his stuffed animals.

Caught some snoozers!

Caden wanted a ball of yarn for his kitty

For our Easter meal, we had Indian tacos, courtesy of Justin's grandma. Monday I actually got some organizing done while the family entertained the boys.

Tuesday we went to Palmyra. Justin, his mom, his grandma, and I went to the temple. It was small but very beautiful. (We forgot to get a photo.) The rest of the family met us there afterward, and we took the tour of Joseph Smith's home and the sacred grove. It was very cold, and I would like to revisit when there are leaves on the trees, but it was still a very inspiring experience.

Wednesday we lounged around and watched Big Hero 6. It was very cute and made me teary eyed. That night, Justin and I went to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast musical, a Christmas present from my parents. Our seats were double booked so we had to move to a closer but farthest-left spot. The production was entertaining but very cheesy and sometimes amateurish. The best part was Gaston.

Thursday we went shopping, ate ice cream at Nicky Doodles, and ordered Chinese from our favorite takeout restaurant.

petting his new kitty

The next morning, the family left. The boys had such a wonderful time, they were sad to see them go.


DAD said...

so glad the Nishimotos had fun and spread love to the boys and you

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