Friday, September 18, 2015

"Understanding Your Endowment" Book Review

For those of you who are LDS, have you ever left the temple feeling the Spirit yet also confused about certain aspects of the ceremony? I'd be lying if I said I haven't. Whether or not you have felt that way, I highly recommend you read the book Understanding Your Endowment by Cory B. Jensen. As described on the publisher's blog:
For many members of the Church, the temple endowment remains something of a mystery. Yet when understood, the temple can function in our lives as a modern day Liahona, giving us our bearings in our mortal journey back to our Father. Understanding Your Endowment is packed with insights and keys, which can help you unlock the temple’s purpose and meaning in your life. It will help you understand the blessings the Lord offers His children through His temples and will enrich your personal temple worship.
Understanding Your Endowment examines topics such as covenant ceremonies, the initiatory ordinances, the endowment, and temple sealings in a manner that is plain and easy to understand while still respecting their sacred and confidential nature. Whether you are preparing to enter the temple for the first time or already attend regularly, your temple worship will be enhanced by reading this book.
*It definitely increased my desire to return to the temple often and put more effort into letting the Spirit teach me the deeper meanings behind the symbolism and their applications in my life.
*It discusses temple covenants and ordinances thoroughly and helpfully without divulging sacred information.
*I appreciated Brother Jensen's frequent reminders that symbolic interpretations aren't limited and are very personal and we should discard anything he says that isn't helpful to us. He doesn't pretend to know all the answers or assert that only his views are correct.

*Although it can be read by members preparing to enter the temple for the first time, it is best for those who have been at least once so they can follow the discussion. However, there are still sections that members should read beforehand to help them have a better experience.
*The background on covenants made me glad I did not live before Christ's Atonement ended the need for sacrifices and other gruesome rituals! It did explain a lot of modern practices, though.

I think all members should read and apply this book and use it to teach others preparing for the temple so they can have more meaningful first-time experiences and learn how to make the most of future visits. For a more spiritual review, go to my Mormon Light blog.
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