Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Bill of Rights

Note: The original came from a pamphlet I received at the hospital before taking Baby home. I greatly expanded on it and then adapted it to make it more like the real Bill of Rights.

Freedom of Speech: I have the right to cry and be answered. I don't cry to upset you; I cry because I can't tell how how I feel any other way. I'm hot, cold, hungry, tired, scared, or lonely. You'll soon know what each cry means. You won't spoil me by anwering; you'll help me be a better baby, and we'll both be happier.

I also have the right to hear your speech. Sing, hum, babble, or read to me. I may not know what you're saying, but your voice tones say, "I love you." And communicating with me helps me learn.

Right to Arms: I have to right to be held in your arms. Everything is so big and new to me--I don't understand where I am or who I am and I get scared. When you hold me close and kiss me, I feel better. Your breath and heartbeat make me feel I belong to you.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: I have the right to be treated with respect and care. Yelling at me hurts my feelings and shaking me hurts my body. I don't mean to upset you. Please remember I am new to the world and am learning about myself and my surroundings. Overlook my baby weaknesses.

Love:  I have the right to be loved unconditionally. You are the most important person in my world! I can't make it physically or emotionally without you. Get to know me, have fun with me, and love me just the way I am.


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