Monday, January 10, 2011

Twigs and Tweets Review

Another giveaway blog introduced me to the Etsy shop Twigs and Tweets. Her business is so successful (which tells you something about her products) she no longer has time to provide for giveaways, but she kindly discounted an item for me. She makes crinkle toys and blankets, some with ribbons for babies to suck on. I chose the millipede crinkle toy with ribbons. My baby is not much of a toy player, but he does like this one.

Bugs playing with his new toy

*The crinkle sound is crisp.
*The underside is super soft minky dots.
*The fabric and ribbon patterns are adorable and varied.
*It is machine washable and dryer safe, both of which I tested. What mom doesn't appreciate that?

*Because she is so busy, orders take a couple weeks.
*Update: a couple ribbons have fallen out, not due to rough play, making me concerned with choking. And some of the patterns on the ribbons have flaked off, which I hope my baby didn't ingest.


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