Monday, October 17, 2011

Cheap & Easy Mouse Costume

Want to dress up as a mouse for a costume party? This easy, cheap mouse costume is especially designed for those with no sewing ability, like me.

First, choose what color mouse you would like to be: white, black, brown, or gray. Wear clothes in that one color. For paws, wear white or pink gloves and shoes. With makeup draw three long whiskers and a pink nose.

To make ears, buy a thin, neutral-colored headband and a pad of colored construction paper at the dollar store. Cut out large ears in your chosen color. Cut out smaller ears in the color of your gloves and glue them on the larger ears to make the inside part of the ear. Tape the ears to the headband.

For the tail, inflate a long balloon (the kind used to make balloon animals) in the same color as your clothes or gloves and tie it around your waist with string. Another option is to pin a stuffed colored tube sock to your pants.

Choose accessories: cheeseheads or fake cheese, a mouse stuffed animal, or a mousetrap. Put on sunglasses and use a cane to be one of the three blind mice.

To be Remy from Ratatouille:
  1. Remy is a gray rat with pink hands and feet, so wear all gray clothes and pink gloves and shoes. You can buy cheap gray sweats at Wal-mart.
  2. Make a pink tail and ears. With makeup draw three white whiskers on each cheek and a pink nose.
  3. To make the Remy costume complete, wear a chef hat and carry a wooden spoon. (If you wear a hat, then be sure to tape the ears to the sides of the headband instead of to the top. Or tape the ears to the hat.)
  4. A cute costume idea for couples would be for one to dress up as Remy and the other to dress up as Linguini (the young chef Remy helps) or Gusteau (the fat chef that inspires Remy to cook).


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