Monday, January 16, 2012

Tips for Healthy Eating

photo by James Farmer
Just a few more ideas to get you on the road to healthy eating habits:

*Cut out unnecessary calories: eat an open-faced sandwich, drink water instead of soda, skip the mayo or ketchup, use less dressing, etc.

*Combine junk food with healthy food. For example, if you have to have chocolate, eat it in the form of trail mix or a chocolate chip granola bar. If you love whipped cream, mix it with chopped fruit.

*Expand your variety of food. Try a new vegetable, healthy snack, or grain each week. There are so many types of food out there you may have never heard of but you might like once you try them!


Nina Gonzalez said...

open faced sandwich, my favourite! we are trying to eat way more veggies and fruit! :) great tips!

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