Friday, May 30, 2014

My Golden Birthday

This year was my golden birthday (when your birthdate and age are the same). Had I still been in Phoenix, I would have thrown a big party. But instead, we just celebrated as a family. We went shopping at a huge mall, where I found 2 skirts at Burlington Coat Factory and a makeup promo for what I wanted at Bare Minerals. And earlier this month I bought myself a double jogging stroller, which Justin is putting together right now.

Justin wore Gabe so I could try on clothes.

Once home we had delicious red velvet cupcakes from Justin's work, and a friend from church brought me a homemade carrot cake. She didn't even know it's my favorite!

We watched Letters to Juliet and later had dinner at a little Italian restaurant I discovered at a local event when we first moved here. Everyone enjoyed their meals. Except Gabe, who only had pureed peas.

playing Peekaboo

It was a simple but pleasant birthday. I just can't believe how old I'm getting!



I never knew about this "golden birthday" thing and I missed mine last year. Oh well.

27 is not old dear Cheski. We are almost entering our 30's, which I believe will be phenomenal. I actually think our 40s will be even better, as long as our TEENAGE children are as well behaved as we were.

I do know what people mean when they say we're getting old. But, would you really want to be 21 again?? Maybe 25? I could see that. 25 was a good age. Ok - end rant.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - it sounds wonderful!!! How sweet that you were brought that beautifully decorated and delicious looking cake.

You look healthy and beautiful. Your new kitchen also looks nice!

DAD said...

when you are young birthdays are golden. when you are old like me birthdays are like an express train speeding through stations without stopping. i'm still trying to get over 50 and I am now 56!

DAD said...

I love all the pictures and I love all of you so much

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