Monday, May 26, 2014

The Move Part 2: Wisconsin

That first night in Wisconsin we had dinner with all the family. Caden and Gabe shared their first bath together, Gabe's first time in the big tub.

Caden found lots of fun things to play with and do at Grandma's!

watching the snow fall

Grandma let him ride it inside!

That weekend, the first in April, was our church's general conference. Thanks to awesome bloggers, I had plenty of activities for Caden to keep him busy and attentive. Gabe was obsessed with the clock below the TV and would wiggle and army crawl his way to it over and over.

Both boys loved Auntie Jessica, much to her delight!

Justin and his dad arrived safely Saturday afternoon. It was good to have him back! Monday Justin and Caden went to the eye doctor. Caden did great! Although he doesn't need glasses, he probably will eventually. Poor kid will have my terrible eyesight instead of his father's. Funny, Justin is the only one in his family who doesn't wear glasses!

Tuesday Justin and I had a date and saw Divergent. We really enjoyed it! After dinner, we went to Keilani's school for an art show, were she got a prize for an art project made from dried corn kernels.

Wednesday was Indian taco day, much to Justin's pleasure. The church across the street sells them all day. We went for lunch and dinner. The next day Auntie Linn took me to get a haircut at the Paul Mitchell school. I finally got my hair evened out, though I kept it a little longer in the front. Now I'm trying to grow it out and then get it layered.

Friday was my turn seeing the optometrist; not surprisingly my eyesight is worse. I made dinner that night, Parmesan chicken (I need to post that recipe some time!) and roasted red potatoes. Then we went to the church for a dessert auction and viewing of Frozen, the boys' first time seeing it. Justin and I won Auntie Linn's pumpkin roll.

Saturday was their stake's women's conference. We went to Dad's class on patriarchal blessings and another on changing your perspective. Dinner was at Koreana, at Justin's request because it is his favorite Korean restaurant (and we've been to quite a few!). Sunday I went to Primary with the boys since I felt more at home there. After church was a potluck lunch, and later was dinner at Grandma Amelia's. We do a lot of eating whenever we go to Wisconsin!

Monday we took Grandma and Great Grandma to the new Costco in town. Unfortunately, there is none here in New York. Later we visited some elderly family friends, who loved seeing the little ones.

Getting ready to go out in the snow. Caden made a snowman with Grandma!

Tuesday was our last day. We visited one more lady, had lunch at El Azteca (Justin's favorite Mexican place), and took Caden and Keilani to see the Muppet movie. We had a very enjoyable time with the family, and it was nice to have a mini vacation to break up the long-distance move.


Kathryn said...

We have some family in Wisconsin! I read Divergent and plan on seeing it soon.

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