Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Caden's Birthday & Party

Last month Caden turned 4. We asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday and he chose to go to the playground.

Afterward we got him and Gabriel balloons from the dollar store, which they played with every day until they deflated. They liked to run around with the balloons flying behind them.

I got Gabe the #1 balloon because he's always pointing at things. He preferred Caden's though.

After nap time we got ice cream at Nickey Doodle's and then went shopping to kill time before dinner. Caden wanted to eat out, so we chose Applebee's since we had vouchers for free kids' meals for reading 10 books. Gabriel wouldn't stop screeching the whole time! When I tried getting him to sign, the waiter was impressed we were teaching a hearing kid to sign. He signed as a kid because his mom used to be deaf.

This past Saturday we had Caden's birthday party. Caden helped me make the decorations and cupcakes the night before. We did a sports theme.

Three of his friends and their parents came. It was a short and simple but fun party. We danced to some children's music, decorated treat bags, played stick-the-nose-on-the-clown and a bean bag toss game, decorated cupcakes, opened presents, and then let the kids play in the boys' room. Little kids are so easy to please!

More Cadenisms: backworks (backwards), dooze (does; but he doesn't say this anymore), cheek (end slice of a tomato or bread), Mr. Mommy Man/Pants (what he calls me when he's being silly). There is a tall apartment building near the post office that Caden calls his work. And on his birthday he said, "I'm four now. I can put on my shirt by myself," and he's been doing so ever since. Every year I can't believe how much he's grown.

I didn't include an update on Gabe in his birthday post so I will here. He waves goodbye, gives open-mouthed kisses, and signs all done, eat, and water (the last two he does the same). On Sunday, August 24, he bowed his head for prayer! At our church picnic he chased a poor little dog around everywhere it went. He is so funny!


DAD said...

they are so cool and love them so much!

Miss Keesh said...

Caden is four already???!!! Happy Birthday to that big boy- glad he had a fun wonderful birthday party! Also, Gabe is SOOOO CUTE in the pictures where he's carrying a balloon :)

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