Monday, September 1, 2014

A Wedding and a Baptism

When we first moved here, we became friends with a couple who were preparing to be baptized into our church. They have been nothing but amazing since day one, always willing to serve in any way they can. Dan is great with the kids, and Felicia is always thinking of others. She has a Vikings/Packers rivalry with Justin. She bought Gabe a Vikings onesie, planted it in the mother's room at church for me to change him into, and then I handed him over to Justin. The look on his face was priceless!

They were looking around for someone to teach them their first dance for their wedding and I volunteered. I taught them the waltz to their chosen song, Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up." They were fast learners.

The wedding day finally arrived. The rain did not fall, thankfully, as we were gathered outside by a park gazebo. The ceremony was short and sweet, and the bride and groom were radiant.

The reception followed later. They danced wonderfully and made me proud. The food and desserts were great. Then came the dancing, and the party really started! Gabriel fell asleep in a friend's arms, allowing Justin and I to dance our feet off. Caden ran around the dance floor holding a balloon and chasing the other kids. We had so much fun and only left once Gabe woke up, which is when things started to slow down anyway.

Hokey Pokey

The next morning they got baptized. Dan asked Justin to baptize and confirm him, and Felicia asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost. We were both flattered they made us a part of this special day when we came into their lives only a few months ago. Can I repeat how awesome they are?

They even thought of us while on their honeymoon in D.C! They brought back chopsticks for us and a fun planet book for the kids. I am so thankful to God we met and have become friends!


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