Wednesday, August 27, 2014

LDS Church History Tour Guide App Review

I have been fortunate to live in many places full of LDS Church history: San Diego, to where the Mormon Battalion marched; Utah, where the Mormon pioneers settled; Arizona, also settled by Mormons; and now near Palmyra, New York, where Joseph Smith saw the First Vision.

One of the biggest LDS Church history sites in the Midwest, where Justin grew up, is Nauvoo, Illinois. He has been there many times. The first time I went to Nauvoo was after we got married. We went with Justin's family as part of our honeymoon. We saw the pageant and went to the temple. It was so muggy and buggy, I couldn't imagine living there in pioneer times.

Joseph and Hyrum statues outside Carthage Jail, where they were killed

Justin and his parents outside the Nauvoo temple.

There are many other historical sites in that area that I have yet to visit but would love to once the boys are older. To make the road trip more oganized and fun, you can use GuideMe Travel's new Church history tour guide app for traveling from Independence, Missouri, to Nauvoo, and vice versa. The app includes a GPS-based audio tour, which can be played manually if you don't have GPS and also includes a written script; sites to see, including their contact information, hours, prices, and ratings; a map; and FAQ.

*Very thorough tour that not only includes historical and scriptural information but also specific directions to, photos of, and helpful tips about the sites, such as when to visit and if restrooms are available.  It also keeps track of sites visited.
*The female guide's voice is very articulate and moderately paced for easy listening.
*I appreciate that the script is available to view as well so you can read it if you missed hearing it and don't want to listen again or if you are more of a visual than auditory learner.
*Very easy to use!

*Only compatible with Apple products.

You can buy the app for $4.99 at the App store or through iTunes. For more information, visit
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