Friday, August 1, 2014

Gabe's First Words

Gabe is a gabber and makes lots of sounds, but his first real words as of last week were all done. He learned that phrase because he doesn't like going potty anymore, though he uses it for everything now. At first he pronounced it "ah duh" but now says "ah dun." He can also sign all done, waving his hands up and down just as Caden did. He is finally starting to sign more, though still not consistently. He can do milk perfectly. For more, he taps his thumb against his other palm, and for eat, he taps his palm against his mouth. He still bangs on his chest caveman style for bath. The only other words I think he can say are "wha za / izzat?" (what's that).

First time on the grass

Caden still messes up words very cutely: peena bwead (pita bread), pinano (piano), basketball whoop (hoop), vegebles (vegetables), sunscream (sunscreen), stashew (cashew, confused with pistachio). When Gabe bit me hard while nursing one day, Caden told me to go to the milk doctor, and when I was shopping for a swim suit, he pointed at the bikini tops and said, "Those are for milk." Today he's been going around the house with a set of old keys, calling himself "Lock-Up Man." But the funniest is from a couple weeks ago when he told me I have a big bum bum and it's going to hit something!

scratching his back, as learned from Sesame Street

These boys are just too cute and silly!


Vishruti Dev said...

adorable stories of your precious kids

god bless :)

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