Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New Zoo & a New 'Do

Tuesday morning we went to the tiny Utica zoo, a new experience for us after being spoiled with the Phoenix zoo (and the San Diego zoo/Wild Animal Park for me). The flora was very different as well, woodsy instead of deserty. But it was the perfect size for little walkers and had great animal variety, including sea lions, and fun exhibits. The food was really cheap too. It was much better than expected and we had a good time. Caden loved the playground best!

The peacocks got out. I've never seen a white one before!

Yesterday morning Justin cut off Caden's locks. It's always a drastic change because we only do it a couple times a year. No worries to those of you who are upset--his curly q's always grow back, as long and crazy as ever!


Lissy said...

Aw - he is so handsome! What a killer photo of Caden there at the end. So fun to hear your adventures in the East! :)

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