Monday, August 25, 2014

Gabriel's First Birthday

Justin's family came into town for Gabriel's first birthday. Saturday we took them to Nicky Doodle's for ice cream, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Sunday we played Catch Phrase (lots of cheating went on!) and watched Emma Smith: My Story.

enjoying cherries

Monday we went shopping while Justin played in a tournament with his dad caddying for him. I found a shirt and snow jackets for the boys, and Caden got to go on the carousel with Keilani. We stopped by Sam's Club before heading home. (I can't wait for Costco to open in Syracuse!) We ended the night with Saving Mr. Banks, a very touching story.

teething bling

Tuesday was the big day. The men were at the tournament again, so we took the boys to the rec center and then made banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, with a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon. Best frosting ever!

We ate at the casino buffet and visited the pro shop where Justin works. It was very nice and the view was gorgeous!

Once home we sang to Gabriel and gave him a plain cupcake, which he waited to eat until after we finished singing and then happily devoured, unlike Caden at his first birthday (or this one, for that matter. He just licked off the frosting.).

first bite

Gabe got Baby Signing Time DVDs from my mom and the peas from Toy Story 3 from Titi Kirsten.

Wednesday we went shopping again and had the missionaries over for dinner. Later I made sticky popcorn and we watched Epic. I must say, I was very happy that everything I cooked for my in-laws was a hit!

Thursday we toured the house we originally were supposed to move into. The upstairs is pretty, but the entire downstairs needs to be remodeled. After naptime, Caden got his birthday gifts: play swords from us and a plasma car from Justin's family. All were the same colors, teal and light green!

The family left early Friday morning. We had a wonderful time together and the boys enjoyed all the attention and gifts.


DAD said...

Love the pix

Miss Keesh said...

Okay, the pics of Gabe eating? LOVE THEM!!! He has such a wide grin :) Great pictures. And that cream cheese frosting sounds really good! I'm going to try making it.

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