Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello, Freelance Writing Career!

If you've been wondering why my blog has been neglected recently, it's because my freelance writing career is taking off. I've had a few pieces bought and published in previous years. But over the last few months, I've had 6 articles bought and published online (I didn't get to choose the titles of the first 4, though I do think the first title is better than my original):

Move Over, Barbie: How "Lammily" Is Changing the Doll Game

Mommy Dating: Why It's Hard to Make Mom Friends

Women Poop. Let's Talk About It.

Is Breast Empowerment Really About Personal Choice?

How to Emotionally Connect with a Woman During Sex

Things You're Doing Wrong in a Hospital Labor

I have more coming soon once I find the time. I also write numerous SEO articles for a content company on a weekly basis. It's hard work because of the strict requirements and short deadlines, but it's expanding my general knowledge and writing skills. It's exciting finally to be making consistent money doing what I love most!


Elise said...

You are a talented writer, and your career will continue to take off.

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