Sunday, June 14, 2015

Racecar Birthday Party

Last week we attended a friend's racecar birthday party. It was so cute and creative! The walkway was decorated like a road.

The plates at the food table were lined up by color to resemble a stoplight. My boys were obsessed with the balloons, as usual.

There was a monster truck bouncy house. I even jumped in it at the end! I haven't done that in who knows how long.

My friends built a ramp for racing toy cars. I thought this idea was fabulous, and it was my kids' favorite activity.

There was a lawn game as well. I was terrible at it! They also had a car photo booth.

I volunteered my Raggedy Fran services. The facepainting was particularly a hit with the teenage girls. They all got puppy faces.

The boys got to take home a a racecar helmet and a handmade, car play mat complete with matchbox cars. It was such a well planned and fun birthday party!

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