Thursday, October 15, 2015

For Keshia: My Latest Articles

Keshia, you asked that I share the articles I write, so here are the ones that have been published since my original blog post. I am now a regular contributor to these three sites: Skirt Collective, a liberal feminist site (though that one unfortunately has stopped paying); Well Cultured, a men's online magazine; and Baby Gaga, a pregnancy and baby site. Enjoy reading them and thank you for caring!

5 Myths About Female Modesty (this one got a TON of exposure!)

How Not to Teach Modesty to Young Women (my LDS version of the previous article)

How Lammily and Others Are Breaking the Period Taboo

When You Should Act Like a Gentleman

Belts: The One Accessory Every Guy Should Have and How to Wear It

Words You Don't Want to Get Wrong at Work

Messenger Bag or Briefcase?

7 Bodily Fluids You Deal With During Pregnancy


Miss Keesh said...

Ooh thanks! It was so interesting to hear your thoughts about the modesty, and I agree with them. We need to teach modestly differently (in church).

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