Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Save Money at Thrift Stores

Going from buying new things to shopping at thrift stores already saves a bundle of money. But there are also tips for how to get good deals at thrift stores and save even more money!

  1. If at an organization’s thrift store (such as Goodwill or Salvation Army), ask when the trucks come in with new” items. Come the next day to get first pick at everything.  If at a small, independent thrift store, ask how often they put out new donations.
  2. Find out which color tag is on sale and look for items with those tags. There will usually be a poster or an intercom announcement sharing which color is on sale a particular day (ex: blue-tagged items are 50 percent off). Some stores also have weekly dollar days.
  3. If a weekend, holiday, or special sale day is coming up, go to the thrift store the night before, near closing time, to find things you want to buy. Hide them behind other items and be sure to write down or remember hints so you know where to find them. Be there the next day right when the store opens so you can get to your items before anyone else does.
  4. Many things given to thrift stores are brand new, so check for items with original store tags still attached to get a great deal.
  5. If at a small, independent thrift store, make friends with the owner. Owners will usually cut deals with people they know, or the “regulars.”
  6. Some thrift stores offer discounts to seniors, so be sure to ask.

Note: Bartering is not acceptable. The only likely exception is at a small, independent thrift store with an owner you know, and usually only over large items, such as furniture, or bulk items, such as a dish set.


Mrs. Sanchez said...

I had so much fun thrift shopping with you when visiting. I used to get all my clothes at thrift shops, but since my work route changed don't go as often since it is less convenient.

If I start going for toy purchases (which is very likely - my kids are bored with all my toys), I will ask about when trucks come in/merchandise comes out.

Francesca said...

Great! What many people don't know is that just because things are donated at a certain store doesn't mean they stay there. Certain areas have certain needs, so transporting items is very common.

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