Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Afford a Baby: Pregnancy

Are you ready to have a baby only to find your bank account isn’t? Having a baby doesn't have to be expensive if you follow simple money-saving tips beginning now.

  • Start saving money immediately. Make changes to your budget and decide how much money you will save a month. Get a job (or second job) if necessary to avoid having to work a lot while pregnant or after the baby comes. If you are already pregnant and must work, find a job that is not dangerous to or stressful for you and your baby.
  • Get health insurance: medical bills are the most expensive part of having a baby.
  • Take care of your body to ensure as healthy a pregnancy as possible and limit medical bills. Eliminate stress in your life, get rest, exercise, eat right, and take prenatal vitamins.
  • Bring water and a variety of snacks everywhere you go to avoid spending money eating out due to spontaneous cravings and avoidable hunger (a mistake we often made).
  • Buy maternity clothes at the thrift store. You can also wear regular clothes in L/XL; they are frequently on clearance racks.
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