Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 5 Pregnancy Tips

These are the top five tips I learned while I was pregnant:
  1. Carry food and water everywhere you go. Great snacks are nuts (they satisfy crunch, salt, protein, and fat cravings), granola bars (they represent many of the food groups), and fresh fruit (they are sweet, juicy, and refreshing).
  2. Buy maternity clothes. Biggest mistake I made was wearing my normal clothes with a small baby bump. They still got stretched out and are now permanent maternity wear. But at least I got to go clothes shopping after the baby!
  3. Get sleep now. You've heard it a million times and it's true: once the baby comes, sleep is a luxury. And the bigger you get while pregnant, the harder it will be to sleep comfortably.
  4. Change positions often. Standing too long can make your feet and legs swollen. Sitting all day can put your baby in the wrong position for birth. Alternate between moving around and resting in different positions.
  5. Spend as much time with your husband (or other children) as you can. It will be harder once the baby comes.
What tips do you have?


jabroon piece said...

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Invest as plenty of time with your partner or other kids as you can. It will be more complicated once the child comes.

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