Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sweet & Simple Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day, we invited my husband's brother and wife and another couple for a romantic dinner and dessert at our place, no kids. I decorated simply for lack of time and played some big band swing.

We all dressed up as if we were going out for a night on the town.

We have a special table my husband's grandfather made: it has a griddle in the middle. We made meat and vegetables dipped in a secret-family-recipe Asian sauce.

Next we played The Newlywed Game and we won! Yes, I wrote the quiz, but I promise I picked questions that I didn't know the answer to. The truth is we didn't do awesome, the other couples just did worse than we did.

We finished the night with some simple chocolate fondue. The night was a great success of free fun for everyone!


Caitlin said...

Looks great - can you share more pictures of the table?

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