Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Justin!

Today is Justin's 27th birthday. He forgot it was his birthday (how can you forget your own birthday?) and scheduled himself a double shift today, so we celebrated over the weekend. Saturday night we went to dinner at Benihana.

We sat with another small family. An older couple was about to be seated with us, but as soon as they saw two children at the table, they stopped and asked for an "adult-only table." Funny, since the two children were better behaved than many adults I've seen at restaurants! The other dad was offended, but I was happy to have a less-crowded table.

Our waiter looked like Shia LaBeouf and was really nice--he didn't charge us for a side of rice for Caden. Our chef was great too. The staff all sang to Justin and gave him free ice cream, which he shared with Caden of course. Caden did really well, and when the staff started singing, he thought it was for him! Haha.

Sunday night I made German chocolate cake and invited Adam, Kirsten, and our friends the Ballifs to help us eat it. (The cake has some white frosting on it since I didn't think the kids would like coconut pecan frosting.)

Caden had been waiting all afternoon for that cake! So cute to see him clapping for his daddy!

It was a very enjoyable evening. Happy birthday, Justin!


Becky said...

That's kind of funny and kind of sad he forgot his birthday! I'm glad he ended up having a fun celebration! :)

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