Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wisconsin Part 1

The flight to Wisconsin went really well. Caden was great and even slept a little bit. We had all three seats to ourselves, so I put Caden in the middle seat. That lasted a whole five seconds.

We got home early afternoon and spent the day just saying hi to all the family. Caden loved Grampa Nishimoto (Justin's dad) right away. He calls him "Pa" for "Grampa."

Tuesday was another chill day. We had Indian tacos and cupcakes at (Great) Grandma's. Afterward, most of the boys, Kirsten, and I went shooting. It was only my second time, the first being on my honeymoon five years ago. I did worse than before.

Wednesday, July 4,  we had a big meal with some family friends at their house, along with Kirsten's family. Caden had a blast playing there. And he warmed up to Grandma (Justin's mom) because she let him have her ice cream!

Once it was dark, we went to Grandma's for fireworks. Surprisingly Caden loved them! I was worried the loud noises would frighten him, but he was fine.

Clapping after each batch of fireworks!

He let all Justin's uncles and little cousins hold him, but not either grandma. Finally he went to Great Grandma, but only after he was bribed with a popsicle.

Today the boys went golfing, so we ladies browsed the mall trying to find shirts for family pictures on Saturday. We didn't find any, but I found some cute flower hair clips. And Caden went on a little merry-go-round for the first time.

So far we are having a fun, relaxing time!


Mrs. Sanchez said...

Caden's so adorable. Love the photo of him and Grandpa running around.

I know you said you weren't good at shooting, but was it fun? I still have never shot a gun and it seems like a good thing to learn.

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