Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wisconsin Part 2

Friday we girls went shopping at a craft store. Adam and Kirsten spent the evening with Kirsten's family, so the rest of went to El Azteca for dinner. Justin, Keilani, and I finished the night watching Rio. It was ok.

Saturday was the big photo day (photo post tomorrow). The family photo was Hawaiian theme. Our family photo was red and khaki. Caden was better at smiling and posing than for his first year photos, but he was also more crazy, running around everywhere and deciding when he was done. Just fyi, don't ever go to Portrait Innovations. Worst experience! They didn't listen to our desires, the photos took forever to print (Mom, Kirsten, and I were there 2 hours after everyone else left, choosing the photos and waiting for them to print. We had lunch and went to the thrift store before they were done.), and you can only print the photos through them. Mom tried printing them at home. They don't have watermarks, but they print washed out, really bright and pale. The only thing I liked was a specific employee who was great at making Caden laugh and smile.

Later we had dinner at the family favorite, Koreana. It's tradition.

Afterward, we played outside, and then I watched Soul Surfer. I really liked it and recommend seeing it if you haven't.

Sunday we went to church, where Justin and Adam participated in their friend's baby's blessing. When we got home, Dad shared a book, including a DVD, called Increase in Learning, by Elder Bednar, and presented each of us with a copy of the book  and a blue Book of Mormon. It was a great spiritual family moment. Later we went to Grandma's for dessert. I came home early and had a great discussion with Dad about a lot of things.

Monday was spent packing and driving to Milwaukee to spend the night since we had such an early flight the next morning. Caden did terrible! He had been sleeping poorly the previous few days and was very temperamental. He slept for the first part of the flight, but acted up the rest of the time. He is still adjusting to the time change.

Some other highlights from the trip: Caden sliding down the stairs on his tummy and calling Adam "ko" (short for "unko," which means "poop" in Japanese and sounds like "uncle" in English). Overall, it was a very relaxing and fun vacation, and I feel that I really bonded with Justin's family.


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