Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Moving Woes

We are moving next week to an apartment closer to Justin's work. So far, the process, which began in March, has been very frustrating.

First there was trying to find a place we could afford and be allowed to bring our own washer and dryer. I refuse to sell ours because they were gifts from my in-laws when I graduated from college. And they're great. However, here in Arizona, nearly every apartment provides a washer and dryer, and if they don't, they have a laundromat (after 3 1/2 years of using one, I never will again!) or hookups for only certain styles (stackable, gas, etc.).

We finally found a place. I love the location and layout. Next problem was getting a lease. Apparently we're too poor, so it had to be cosigned. We had to work out all that while on vacation in Wisconsin.

The last hurdle was ASU. We saved the worst for last. The housing office staff are never on the same page and they are very unpredicatable. We weren't sure the exact date our lease ended: we didn't receive a copy, and in the renewal reminder email they sent us, they left our termination date blank. We didn't want to ask because Justin technically graduated in May, disqualifying us from living in student housing even though last year we signed through August with permission. But like I said, communication there is horrible, so what one person says may not be what the next person will say, and we didn't want to be kicked out right then and there. Happens all the time--no exaggeration.

Anyway, we finally got around to it on Monday. We found out our lease ended today (the 1st). We asked for a 9-day extension since we cannot move in to our new place until the 10th. No supervisors were there. We filled out forms. No reply. Tuesday Justin and I spent all day calling the office and checking Justin's email. Nothing. Still no supervisors available; the receptionist didn't even know where they were. We were freaking out, because if our extension was denied, we had to move out in one day, rent a storage trailor, and crash at Adam and Kirsten's place for 9 days. So not happening. Finally, this morning after I called again, Justin called me and said they informed him we could stay.

What a relief! I was so stressed and am still recovering. Just a warning to anyone who is considering attending ASU: don't! I can't say anything about the education since I was never a student here, but the administration is terrible. There is so much chaos and lack of knowledge, ridiculous rules that affect the innocent, fees for everything, and no accountability. All our interactions with ASU, not just housing, have always been nightmares. I just hope the management at our new place is better!


Rachel Staves said...

Wow! So sorry about all that stress! Moving is never easy, but when you have all sorts of flaming hoops to jump through in addition, it's a nightmare. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.

Alexandra said...

Boy, I'm so sorry for all that chaos. I'm glad it worked out though. Moving is never easy, throw a toddler in and it's super hard to keep them happy. I hope your little man is helping and taking it all pretty well.

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Thank God for the extension. I can't imagine thinking you may be forced to move out in a single day's time. So glad that you got the extension and wishing you a smooth rest of the move (to make up for the beginning part). ::fingers crossed::

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