Sunday, December 16, 2012

Living in the Light Book Review

There are many people close to me who battle depression, and although I am not clinically depressed, I am easily discouraged and often lack motivation. So when I was presented with the opportunity to review a book about fighting depression, I said yes. I'm glad I did.

Living in the Light: How to Fight Through the Darkness of Depression and Anxiety, by Lacey A. West and Gary L Anderson, offers simple (but not necessarily easy!) and realistic solutions that apply to everyone wanting to change their thoughts and attitudes for the better. It is also a great book for those with family and friends who are depressed so they can understand depression better and learn how to help their loved ones.

*Easy, well written read.
*Supported by lots of reputable sources, both scientific and spiritual. (Note: Although any Christian could read and gain from this book, it is written from an LDS perspective and includes LDS scripture and doctrine.)
*Invites readers to take action through specific exercises and activities.
*Offers encouragement and hope.
*Provides real-life examples, both from Lacy's life and Dr. Anderson's patients.


Learn more about Living in the Light--due out January 8, 2013--on its official site, Facebook, and Lacey's blog. You can pre-order it at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
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