Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Inspirational Sports Movies You Should See

Several months ago I wrote a post on inspiring sports movies you should see. Since then I have watched a few more that I recommend as well, all based on true stories and currently available on Netflix.

A Mile in His Shoes

Sport: Baseball
Summary: An autistic young man joins a minor-league baseball team and faces challenges with certain team members and his disapproving father. Rated PG.
Famous Actor: Dean Cain
My Rating: 4 stars. Great story, but not the best acting.

The Mighty Macs

Sport: Basketball
Summary: A woman becomes the head basketball coach of a failing, tiny, all-girls Catholic college in the 1970s, determined to take them to the national championships at all costs. Rated G.
Famous Actor: Carla Gugino
My Rating: 5 stars. A little cliche, but really good. I loved the line, "Sometimes angels wear high heels."

Sport: Wrestling
Summary: A geeky teen joins his school's wrestling team in an effort to form a relationship with his estranged brother, a former wrestling champ who blames himself for their father's death. Rated PG-13.
Famous Actors: Patricia Clarkson, Danny Glover, John Cena
My Rating: 4 stars. Several deep themes, which are more the real focus of the movie than wrestling.
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