Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy Jeans

I just realized I never posted this! About a month ago we went to the mall. I needed to find one pair of maternity pants until the weather decided to stay warm. Nothing fit anymore and I couldn't find the two pairs I had from my first pregnancy. I tried Ross first because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I wouldn't wear for long. I found a pair for $6 that were lightweight and dressy but too loose and long. The price was tempting, but I decided to check other stores too. We ended up at Motherhood Maternity, where I was hoping the winter items would be on  clearance. Nope. But they were having a buy-one-get-one-50-percent-off sale on denim, so I tried some on. At first no luck. Then I tried on a pair of straight-leg jeans that I loved and capris that weren't pants on me! I got them both and walked out of the store in the jeans since the pants I was previously wearing were being held shut by a safety pin. I like the jeans because they make me feel cute and stylish instead of frumpy pregnant. And the dark wash and cut allow me to dress them up or down.

Wish I took a better photo!

Every time I shop at Motherhood Maternity, I fall more and more in love! They have great customer service and quality clothing that will last. (Kohl's also carries Motherhood Maternity clothing, sometimes at lower prices and you can use your Kohl's coupons!)

On a side note, my diet is changing. I eat whole wheat pancakes for breakfast and crave protein, especially rotisserie chicken. I still eat oranges, but only one a day now. I am throwing up only once every few days yet still fighting nausea and fatigue.


My diet has changed numerous times since. I have gone through phases of quesadillas, dried apricots, bagels & cream cheese, and Corn Chex. Right now I'm favoring grapes. I can eat most normal foods now, but can't cook because the smells still really bother me. I am so tired and not sleeping well. Two more weeks and I'm halfway there!

On the bright side, I felt Baby for the first time (for certain) Wednesday night. The baby was stretching. We find out the baby's gender on April 9. What do you think it will be?


Francine Sanchez said...

You have a beautiful baby bump already. The jeans are cute too. I like the style and dark wash. I spent a bit of time on Motherhood Maternity website the other day and almost bought a few things. I got sticker shock looking at the checkout though (even with the BOGO 50% off sale). My need is not dire. In fact, all my clothes still fit well. I think I'll see how long I can last.

On another note, how exciting that you can feel the baby stretching. :)

Francesca said...

I don't spend that much money on my normal clothing, but I have found everything I've bought at Motherhood Maternity to be high quality and well worth it. To me it's important to be comfortable while pregnant and in the first few months post partum, and their clothes/bras do just that. Plus, I regret wearing my regular clothes for as long as possible with Caden. They ended up getting stretched out stained, so I still had to spend money on new clothes.

DAD said...

you look darling and i can't wait to hve you feel better and see the baby-DAD

Francine Sanchez said...

Good to know about the stretching of the clothes. I know you are frugal! :) You went to the store with a safety pin holding your pants together, I would say you needed some pants. I think motherhood maternity is really cute and it seems to be reasonably priced too - glad to hear it holds up!!

I don't really look pregnant. I kind of look like I have a beer belly, at this point even my shirts aren't in danger of stretching. I haven't been wearing my wedding ring because I'm allergic to it when pregnant and I was getting hit on by a couple guys at the DOG PARK. It was very odd, I guessed they thought I was a "partier" because I had a beer belly. I, of course, mentioned my husband in conversation. :)

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