Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trip to the Zoo

Thursday morning we went to the zoo for the first time. Growing up visiting the San Diego Zoo and The Wild Animal Park a million times, I had low expectations of this zoo, but it pleasantly surprised me. The zoo is very large with many attractions that are reasonably priced. There are four trails, including a children's trail (though don't let the name fool you into thinking walking it is easy) with an animal show, an animal habitat play area, a regular playground, three water play areas, a farm, and a petting zoo.

First we looked at the giraffes. Then we made the animal show just in time, and I saw the biggest rabbit I have ever seen! We continued down the trail . . .

Looking at the elephant

The itsy bitsy spider

Trying to get out

Caden was scared but went down and landed on his face! But he liked it.

We saw the baby komodo dragon. Caden was scared but we told him it couldn't get him because of the glass. But it tried! Next thing we knew, it jumped off the tree straight at Caden, smacked into the window, and fell. After that, Caden was terrified of the rest of the reptile/bug exhibit and fake animal statues.


Finally we got to the petting zoo and farm. In October, Caden loved the petting zoo at the pumpkin patch, but this time he was scared. In fact, a lot of things he wasn't scared of before he is now. I hope it's a passing phase.

We then went on the tropical trail and visited the monkey village, a giant caged area you can walk through as monkeys swing around you. Or not. We only saw one on our way in and one on the way out. They were little and cute.

We passed by the camel ride and the boys wanted to go. Caden was so excited! He may not like petting animals, but he sure does love riding them!


We finished with the African trail, Caden's favorite, and then went home. We all were exhausted (we were there for three hours) but had a great time! And we got passes so we will be back!


Alexandra said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!! I've never ridden the camels, but that looks awesome!

Francine Sanchez said...

Riding camels is super cool!! You three are so cute with your matching baby blue shirts.

I can imagine the komodo dragon jumping at the glass would be scary. But, I couldn't help but think of you when you were talking about how he was scared of the bug exhibit. NOT funny, but I still thought of his mommy. I, too, think Caden's fear phase will pass, it sounds very normal, but it couldn't have been fun seeing him in fear.

I love these stories that you share of your sweet family. Keep them coming. :)

DAD said...

we are glad that you went out for some fresh air and family bonding- DAD

Francesca said...

Alexandra, next time it will be MY turn to ride the camel! The boys always get to do the fun stuff.

Francine, yeah, I didn't look at the bugs either, but normally Caden likes looking at frogs, turtles, lizards, and snakes. We go to the pet store all the time just to look at the pets for free!

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