Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Halfway There

I cannot believe Gabe is 6 months old. That went by way too quickly! I swear, each year goes by faster than the last. At his appointment Monday, Gabe measured 26 in. and 17 lbs. He is perfectly on track developmentally. At about 5 months he started grabbing toys. He can sit up by himself for several minutes.

Sitting up for a few seconds

Sucking on his big toe.

Just before falling over.
He can move around in a circle on his tummy, and I think he will start crawling soon. He has tried a bite of banana, which he didn't like, and of strawberry, which he did like. He is sleeping better at night, not wanting to nurse back to sleep as often. I think we are transitioning from 3 naps to 2.

He loves to say "dadadada" and imitate you if you make a fish face or stick out your tongue and blow raspberries. He can sign milk and potty perfectly now, but doesn't always do it. Just as Caden did at 6 months, Gabe has suddenly developed mommy separation anxiety, sometimes even when I just leave the room!

Caden still loves Gabe, but gets frustrated now that Gabe gets into Caden's toys. Caden likes taking a bath with Gabe (kind of: Gabe bathes in the baby tub and Caden stands in the big tub for me to wash him. As soon as Gabe doesn't fall over anymore, they will take baths together in the big tub).

Kicking their legs
I can't believe Caden is 3 1/2 either. It was like yesterday when he turned 3. He is just as silly, creative, and smart as ever. Right now he loves Veggie Tales silly songs, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and taking Elmo with him everywhere he goes. However, he has unfortunately inherited from me the quality of getting frustrated easily, and I'm trying to teach him how to deal with it instead of resorting to whining and throwing tantrums. It is no easy task.

I love my boys! It never ceases to strike me how quickly we all are growing up.


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