Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Goodbye Arizona

Today is my last day in Arizona. Tomorrow the boys and I fly to Wisconsin, while Justin and his dad drive. After a couple weeks visiting family, we drive to New York to a new home and job.

I have loved living here, even despite the scorching summers. I have made wonderful friends and amazing memories. I knew this day would come--in fact, I've been wanting it to come--but once it came I was sad. I'm too busy right now with finishing packing and cleaning to be depressed, but I'm sure I'll cry again tomorrow.

Thank you to all who made my time here so precious. I look forward to my new adventures and new friends!


Lissy said...

So hard! Once you're settled you should do a post on finding a new home and moving with little kids. I am so nervous just thinking about that transition as much as I look forward to it too! Good luck to you all - that is so exciting! :)

Miss Keesh said...

Wait, WHAT???!!! Sad that you have to move (Arizona sounds wonderful, especially after this rough winter), but I'M SO EXCITED because you're going to be closer to me! We can finally meet up soon. Have a safe move!

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