Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Move Part 1: Packing and Goodbyes

The past few weeks Justin was interviewed several times for a position at Turning Stone Resort Casino in upstate NY. He was flown out there for the fourth, and final, interview, and subsequently offered the job. He accepted, and we started the process of moving--at an accelerated speed. Everything happened so fast. The weekend after Justin came home my family came out to say goodbye and help me pack. We took them out to eat at Bluewater Grill, a seafood restaurant. Grandpa took Caden to the park, and Grandma had fun feeding Gabe. My sister was very helpful packing and playing with whatever child needed it at that moment.

Asleep on Daddy at the restaurant.

They attended church with us, which ended up being very tear filled. I was released from being Primary chorister and the new one was called. I bore my testimony on the divine inspiration of the ward organization and of Primary music. Kesha went after me and bore her testimony on our friendship and how it led to her conversion. Even Marquez shared his testimony.

I didn't let the Primary sing goodbye to me and Caden until the end, because I knew I would have been a mess the rest of the time had we done it at the beginning. Of course, I choked up by the end of the song. My mom made dinner for us before leaving, helping me use up some of our perishable food. I wished they could have stayed another day.

Monday Caden went to his friend's house to play so I could pack. Her mom and I want to Skype to help the kids remember each other (and so we can talk too).

That night, Kesha and I went on our first and last girl's night out, while Marquez played video games with Justin. We had appetizers (and dessert for me) at Applebees and talked about our relationships. For a moment I was distracted from the stresses and memory of having to move.

Tuesday, a sister I worked with in Primary took both boys, and Justin and I got a lot done. Wednesday was crazy. Caden went back to his friend's place.

Two sisters came in the morning, one cleaning and the other packing my fragile kitchenware. At lunch time, three others replaced them, cleaning my apartment, especially the kitchen. We are by no means dirty people, but the way these ladies got everything looking, you'd think we were! I was a little embarrassed.

For lunch we ate at a little place Kesha had gotten us a Groupon for at Christmas. It was delicious Greek food, and we were kinda bummed we discovered it so late. Kesha also brought us pizza for dinner and gave me a gift.

Caden's friend and her family and Adam and Kirsten came, the ladies entertaining the kids, the men helping Justin. Then came the Elder's Quorum to help Justin load the U-Haul pods. He had gotten one of the three already filled with boxes, so mostly the furniture was left. More men than I expected came and the job was done quickly. Adam helped me clean the rest of the apartment once everything was out. I was very grateful for the many people who served us that day.

Titi Kirsten wanted to practice babywearing.

We slept that night on just our mattresses (we didn't have room to take ours, so it went to Goodwill to be recycled). I was surprised I got any sleep. The night before I hadn't, and I usually don't the night before I fly, especially when we have to wake up very early. And I was nervous flying with the boys alone.

It ended up going smoothly, despite some delays. Justin parked and helped me check in. At security, I got to go through a special line and didn't have to take anything off or out. Boarding took a long time because of the plane being late and there being lots of wheelchair passengers. Gabe napped while we were waiting, so I was afraid he would be awake on the plane. After an hour, he fell back alseep for nearly the rest of the flight. I was surprised Caden didn't sleep, but I appreciated him letting me doze on and off while Gabriel slept. And I was so grateful neither had to use the plane restroom. However, once we got off, I took them to the family restroom. Both boys had to go, so Caden got the toilet while I let Gabe go in the trash can. Don't tell! ;)

Auntie Linn greeted us, gathering the luggage and bringing sweaters for the boys. We slept in the car, had lunch at Subway (where Caden got a Muppets backpack sack he really likes), and slept again the rest of the way home to Grandma's. The first part of our journey was complete!


DAD said...

we are so glad to have skyped today- we miss you guys and hope your journey this week will be great.

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