Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas in Snow Valley Bookset Review

Two weeks ago I shared with you summaries of the Christmas in Snow Valley romance novellas. Now here is my review of the bookset:

An Unexpected Kiss
*It was just like a Hallmark movie: cheesy, romantic, and unrealistically perfect.

Feels Like Love
*This one had a more realistic situation and a family dynamic I could somewhat relate to. I didn't think the surprise ending fit well with the leading man's personality.

Full Court Devotion
*My favorite! These characters were the most likable and compatible and, as a product of an interracial marriage married to another product of an interracial marriage, I loved the interracial relationship.

The Christmas Eve Kiss & Risking it All for Love
*I didn't care for these stories too much, but I appreciated that they touched on deeper, darker themes.

Blue Christmas
*A perfect ending to the set! It had the right balance of fun and seriousness and had a believable story arc and character change.

Overall Smiles
*Entertaining reads that get you hooked.
*Love how the stories all happen in the same place and time with some of the characters crossing over into the other novellas.
*Clean without being prudish or boring.
*Really gets you in the Christmas spirit--and I'm a Scrooge!

Overall Frowns
*Whoever the publisher's proofreader was needs to be fired! There are not only usage mistakes, but also wrong character names!
*Sometimes too cliche situations and descriptions.

Note: Although clean compared to other romance novels, it is still PG, with sexual references, mostly for background info; a brief, non-graphic attempted rape scene; and one story using damn. So if you are more conservative (along the lines of the Duggar family), then this bookset is not for you.


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