Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gabe's First Haircut

Last Friday Gabriel got his very first haircut! It wasn't planned. Although I cut Caden's hair when it was about the same length as Gabe's, Caden was a couple months older, so I was content letting Gabe go longer with the curls. I thought perhaps once spring came we would cut it. But it was always a mess and getting in his eyes and in my mouth (while co-sleeping). So when Justin decided to get a haircut that morning during a special deal, we thought, why not get Gabe's done too?

Caden had his done at a kid-friendly salon with all the stops, yet he sobbed both times he went there. I wasn't expecting much better from Gabe, especially since this was a regular salon. The hairdresser used to run a day care, so she was prepared with Sesame Street videos on her phone. She also saved some of his hair for us.

Gabe made confused faces and moved his head a lot, but did not cry or even whimper or fight me when I had to hold him still sometimes. He was very cooperative and easy. It was a night and day experience compared to Caden's first time (which you can read about here)!

Gabe looks more grown up and more like his brother. His hair isn't curly anymore, but I know it will grow back. (The funny thing is it was the opposite with Caden; his curls got tighter after being cut.)

 I love my little handsome boy!


Lissy said...

He is soooo cute!! Lily and Sierra are like that too - so much the same in many ways and so different in others. Keepin' things interesting :) Thanks for sharing the photos!

DAD said...

His hair will grow. He and Caden are so beautiful.

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