Sunday, November 23, 2014


The Halloween season this year was so much fun! I was very happy there were so many things to do. Our first Halloween activity was an impromptu pumpkin-carving night at our church.

Then the Saturday before Halloween we had a fun-filled Halloween day.

We first went to a party at the Great Swamp Conservancy. It was small in size but big in decor and activities. The boys' favorite was playing in the dried-corn box with the trucks.

There were different stuffed animal habitat set-ups--a sea, swamp, farm, jungle, and cave--and some real, small animals outside.

There was also a pinata, reading time, carnival games, crafts, food, facepainting, coloring contest, and more. The boys had lots of fun and didn't want to leave.

Gabe LOVES raisins! It's his "candy."

After nap time we went to a party at the rec center. We were early and there was already a line!

There were carnival games and a haunted house that Caden kept wanting to go through. Upstairs was a talking pumpkin.

Downstairs was pumpkin carving (which we skipped) and a disappointingly small trunk-or-treating. But the participating vehicles were amazingly decked out.

The following Thursday the library had a special reading time that included a scavenger hunt and free fall-themed books. Only one other parent (and the only dad too) dressed up besides me.

I originally wore a red sweater, but changed it to a shirt for Halloween night.

Friday was finally Halloween. Justin was hemming and hawing about taking the boys out, complaining about the cold (it was hardly chilly) and saying they wouldn't be out for more than 20 minutes. This was the first time he was able to go so I wasn't happy with his attitude.

After 45 minutes, they came back to unload so they could get more candy! They left Gabe with me and trick-or-treated for another 45 minutes. Meanwhile, I passed out goodies with my friend. She gave out candy while I handed out bubbles and toys. We gave each kid an option and I was very surprised at how many kids, including some older ones, chose the bubbles and toys over candy! Success! And a couple weeks ago I found tiny containers of Play-Doh on clearance for next year!

Justin's mom sent us his old Ghostbuster's costume, which Caden can't wait to wear next year even though he has no idea who Ghostbusters are. He just wants to use the ghost catcher thingy. I'm thinking of making it into a family themed costume, something we haven't done before!


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