Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's All about the Boys

It's been a long time since I've posted just about the boys! Caden is all about the potty humor right now: talking about poop and bums, farting, and shaking his bottom. He is learning so much and is interested in spelling everything right now. Some more Cadenisms: pizza skin (crust), ha ha (his taunting laugh, pronounced as written), roop (rope, since corrected), mark check (check mark), and dagnabit (he got that from me, lol).

Gabe is quite the character. He learned to kiss and wave hello/goodbye. He can sign dozens of words and always tries to copy whatever new sign I show him. He loves to sign and say dada the most. He can sign mama, but only if I ask him to and he won't say it. Instead, he says om and now ommy. [Update: a few days later he started saying mama and mommy!] When he wants my attention or is mad he screeches, "MAHM!!!" He also says da (ball), gah (car), shish (shoes), sis (socks), de-de (Caden), gook (cookie), shhh (he used to do it with his finger on his mouth too), uh uh (instead of no), Dudge (Curious George), choo-choo (for train), beep (for cars), eesh (fish), and dachoo (tractor).

He loves to cuddle with blankets and pillows, play with cars and stuffed animals, read books, color, jump, dance, and listen to music. He can retrieve items you ask for, clean up his toys, and pick out his clothes--that is, if he wants to. He went through a raisin-loving phase but has since moved on to cashews and peanut butter. I've also started weaning Gabe, and he is down to nursing three times a day and twice at night.

The boys fight a lot and like to rile each other up, but they also get into trouble together and love to chase each other and make each other laugh. They're the cutest, smartest, silliest boys a mom could ask for.


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