Monday, March 30, 2015

What Is Your Favorite Random Part of Your Body?

photo by Andre Larsson

We women tend to focus on either the body parts we want to make the most attractive or the body parts we want to make the most invisible. We put in so much time and effort accentuating the “good” and minimizing the “bad” and trying to bring attention to where we want it to be. Yet, I’m not going to tell you to stop stressing about and start loving those physicalities we fixate on most. Much has been said about that already. But what about the rest of our bodies? How do we feel about the body parts we discount or don’t notice at all? I say, find the beauty in them too. The best part about those forgotten features is there is usually no standard of beauty for them, so if you find them lovely, then they are!

I like my knees. I think they have a nice round shape (although I could do with lotioning them more, lol). I have a pretty collar bone, too. In fact, I find all my bony parts appealing. That may sound silly, but it is satisfying to be able to see beauty in every inch of me. 

Maybe you have sexy ankles or a cute belly button. Maybe you have a defined chin or toned shoulders. The possibilities are endless because each of our bodies is unique.

“What about body parts that no one thinks are attractive,” you may ask, “such as knuckles or nostrils?” Think of their uses instead, their reasons for existence. Without knuckles, you wouldn’t be able to punch someone who attacks you or give a good back massage to a friend. Without nostrils, you couldn’t breathe in your favorite food's fragrance, your sweetheart’s tantalizing cologne, or your baby’s pleasant scent. Those areas you think are flabby, your children or pets may find comforting as they cuddle you. The tongue you think is too wide or too narrow is the perfect size for saying “I love you.” 

Having gratitude and appreciation for what your body can do is the first step to loving it and finding it beautiful. So go to the nearest mirror and tell me, what random body part do you love?
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