Monday, March 9, 2015

The Best Resources for Raising an Emotionally Healthy & Strong Girl

I have yet to be blessed with a little princess of my own, but that doesn't mean I haven't already thought about how I would want to raise her. And as a mother of two boys, I think that what we teach our sons about women is just as important as what we teach our daughters. I have found many excellent online resources for raising emotionally healthy, secure, confident girls--and boys who will support them.

A Mighty Girl

This source is my favorite for its thoroughness. It has inspirational quotes from influential women, true stories about women from history and current events, lists of books about such women or featuring strong fictional female characters, and advice about how to address sensitive subjects concerning womanhood.

Beauty Redefined

Founded by twin sisters, this site lives up to its name: to redefine the standard of beauty and encourage women to love themselves and change their priorities. Its motto is "See more. Be more." It also contains resources on how to teach modesty in an unshameful way for those who believe in certain dress codes.

Fight the New Drug

Dear to my heart, this movement is attacking the incredibly prevalent and harmful pornography industry. It reveals through science and personal stories (no religion or politics) how porn kills love and what a real relationship should look like. It helps both men and women see each other and themselves as more than just sexual objects.

Improving Birth

As a woman, giving life is a wonderful and personal privilege, and the manner in which it happens should be dictated by us mothers. This organization is increasing awareness of and changing women's rights in birth so we can make informed choices, feel respected and empowered, and improve our and our babies' health. It is never too early to ingrain this into our children.

Darling Magazine

This magazine is about the art of being a woman and covers all aspects of womanhood. It focuses on inner beauty and personal development. It has stunning photography while keeping it real. You can read my more in-depth blog post about the magazine here.

What are your favorite resources for developing strong women?


Mrs. Sanchez said...

I was just checking out "a mighty girl" two nights ago. So many fun resources on raising strong woman. My goal is going to be to raise feminine woman who don't necessarily subscribe to modern day stereotypes. Needs to be defined a bit bette

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Ok. I'm def having technical difficulties. My main goal right now is to stay away from Disney channel and to be purposeful about my words.

Mrs. Sanchez said...

So, when someone tells her she has a beautiful dress. Say thank you and then tell
them about how she's really been interested in jumping lately or coloring or speaking spanish or gymnastics. Moving convo from what she looks like to her personality traits that make her who she is. Also working on myself as a role model. So much to think about!

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