Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Case for Cloth

Using cloth diapers is easier than you think and has many advantages. The biggest advantage that won me over is how much money I save! Buying your supply requires a lot of money up front, but then you quickly save. Cloth diapers last a long time (I'm using some my little sister had 13 years ago) and you can buy ones that fit from birth to two years, limiting how often you need to buy more.

With cloth diapers, there are fewer blowouts--or none at all--because cloth diapers cover more area. All the blowouts my baby's had were from the times he was in disposable diapers. Also, baby will have fewer or no diaper rashes because cloth requires more frequent changes, is gentler on the skin, and is chemical free. And of course, cloth is better for the environment. Best of all, babies look so cute with a big diaper bum!

The disadvantages to cloth diapers can easily be solved. The number one concern is cleaning them. You do not have to rinse them, though I rinse the poopy ones because it helps with the odor and with staining. (Once your baby's poop is more solid, you can just shake it into the toilet.) When I laundered them, the washer and dryer would smell like urine (cloth diapers require additive-free detergent, so no fragrant smell). The washer would be fine after another load of laundry, but the dryer would leave my clothes smelly. My mother-in-law told me to use vinegar as fabric softener, and it took care of the smell too! As for increasing my laundry load, I made sure I had enough diapers to only have to wash them every other day. Buy more if you want to do laundry less often. The last disadvantage I can think of is that packing cloth diapers makes the diaper bag heavier than disposables do and it doesn't get lighter since you don't throw the used ones away. But that is minor. Consider it an extra workout.

If you were hesitant or curious about using cloth diapers, I hope this post has calmed your fears. And if you decide to use disposables, try different brands and versions to find the best fit and style for your baby.


Cory and Cherise said...

I LOVE Cloth-diapering and I Love this post!!! I agree really it's just a matter of doing extra loads of laundry as far as cons go. Everything else is improved!!
Beware of vineagar however.. I've heard it can wreak havoc on elastic (ie ruin it!) But that's just hearsay, I've never used it myself.
<3 ya!

Francesca said...

I've been using vinegar for almost a year now, and no ruined elastic!

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