Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 5 Nursing Essentials

1. Nursing pads: Avoid leaking in public or ruining a bra or shirt by wearing nursing pads. You can go cloth or disposable. If you choose disposable, I highly recommend Lansinoh. Their pads are large and very absorbent while remaining thin. They hold in place with two adhesive strips, whereas others only have one or none and thus don't stay very well. They are also reasonably priced. The best deal is to get them at Motherhood Maternity in the 36-count boxes.

2. Nursing cover: I think blankets are too risky to use for breastfeeding in public. Nursing covers are better because they work like an apron, having a strap around the neck and covering you and Baby. They come in cute patterns and some even have pockets. Go here for a coupon code for a nursing cover from Udder Covers.

Udder Covers

3. Nursing pillow: Nursing pillows are great if you want support while breastfeeding. They help hold up Baby to your breast, giving your arms a break and Baby something to lie on. Nursing pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Ask friends who have nursing pillows if you can sample theirs before buying one. Some popular ones are My Brest Friend and the Boppy.

Balboa Baby

4. Lanolin: Protect your nipples from--or treat them for--soreness, dryness, bleeding, and cracking by putting Lanolin on them. Lanolin is similar to petroleum jelly and is safe for Baby to ingest. Again, I recommend Lansinoh.

5. Night-time nursing bra: Many women nurse in a regular bra during the day, but night is a different story. You need something supportive but comfortable. A regular bra is uncomfortable and no bra makes sore nipples worse. Motherhood Maternity sleeping nursing bras are the perfect combination of support and comfort. They are soft and lightweight and make night-time nursing simple--just pull the bra back, nurse, and cover up again. I wear mine all day when I'm at home.

Happy breastfeeding!


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