Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Family Traditions for Thanksgiving

Here is the guest post I wrote for Mom's Point of View:

Thanksgiving brings to mind succulent, savory dishes and warm, homemade desserts. We usually don't think beyond delicious food. But this year, start some family traditions that will help you focus on giving thanks.

1. Make paper turkeys by tracing your hands. Have everyone write something they are thankful for on each feather (finger). Let everyone read their list before eating Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Bake Thanksgiving-shaped cookies or a pumpkin treat. Give the goodies to someone you are thankful for and include a thank-you note.

3. Cut out a bare paper tree and tape it to the wall or a door. Cut out fall-colored leaves and put them in an envelope or bag by the tree. For the next few days, have everyone write something they are grateful for that day on a leaf and tape it to the tree. The tree should be full by Thanksgiving. Read all the leaves after dinner.

4. As a family, shop for groceries to donate to your local homeless shelter or other center. Go here for ideas on good foods to donate.

5. Make handmade thank-you cards to use throughout the year as a way to remind your family to be grateful and show it.

Share your Thanksgiving family traditions!


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