Friday, November 25, 2011

How to Save Money on Gift Wrapping

With Christmas around the corner and other holidays and birthdays all year long, expenses on gift wrapping can easily add up. And most gift wrapping, and thus your money, ends up in the garbage. But you can save money on gift wrapping without forfeiting a beautifully wrapped present.
  • The most obvious way to save money on gift wrapping is to reuse gift bags, party favor bags, tissue paper, ribbons, and bows you receive. You can even reuse wrapping paper if you are careful opening it.
  • Keep small boxes from clothes, shoes, tissues, jewelry, cereal, etc., to hold items that are not easily wrapped. Decorate the box itself instead of wrapping it, if possible.
  • Wash and reuse cookie and candy tins. Save cute baskets and other nice containers for holding gifts.
  • Buy gift wrapping supplies on sale right after the holidays to use for next year. Also check out thrift stores and garage sales for cheap wrapping paper, tins, mugs, vases, and baskets. Try craft stores for great sales on scrapbook paper to wrap small items.
  • If you are artistically talented, create your own gift bags and wrapping paper. Buy cheap plain-colored bags and paper to decorate or use brown lunch bags and construction paper.
  • If you are not artistically talented, use newspaper or magazines. Choose sections/articles that suit the gift recipient: the comics, sports news, advice columns, politics, beauty tips, crossword puzzle, etc.
  • If you have kids, let them decorate plain bags and paper for the gifts they are giving. Some creative ideas are to use stamps, stickers, old cards and decorations, and handprints.
  • For last-minute wrapping ideas, just use tissue paper and a ribbon or stuff small gifts in a toilet paper roll, wrap it, and tie the ends with ribbon.
  • Some stores offer free gift wrapping, so be sure to ask.


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